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From on-site logistics to pallet design assistance, United Pallet Services, Inc. offers an impressive list of services that go beyond just the pallet itself.  

For more information about any of these services, give us a call at (209) 538-5844.



Our customers' needs cover a vast range. Their products need to be stored and moved under a variety of conditions. They're conveyed across their own factory floors, delivered around town, shipped throughout the country, and transported around the world. Each of our customers require pallets that meet very specific needs.


Our professional design team will create a custom pallet to meet your specifications. The state-of-the-art PDS (Pallet Design System) Software licensed from the NWPCA (National Wooden Pallet and Container Association) will take the guesswork out of pallet analysis.  It will save you time and money by lessening or even eliminating design-and-review delays that can be brought on by the "trial and error" design methods used by many of our competitors. This technology enables us to offer you solutions to meet your exact operational needs, including any unique pallet specifications and pallet load requirements. 

Total Pallet Management (TPM)


TPM is a complete pallet management service that involves all aspects of the customer's pallet maintenance. This includes sorting pallets either onsite with a dedicated UPSI team at the customer's facility or off-site at UPSI's facility.  We will sort and inspect pallets to a pre-determined spec that meets the storage and handling needs of the customer.  The program is designed so that only "in-spec" pallets are reintroduced into the customer's facility all the while providing complete reporting to management.  All damaged pallets are either repaired to spec or removed from the customer's pallet supply.  Odd-size and scrap pallets are removed and transferred to UPSI's facility.


Visit our TPM information page for more information and our electronic brochure.



Our motto: "Yes we can build that!" Handling our customer's changing production schedules is one of the keys to our success. And we have this down to a streamlined process...what type, how many, how quickly? You can be sure that United Pallet Services is ready to take care of your pallets. However you need them built, we are here to help in a timely manner.


This happens in part because we're not caught waiting for lumber. We deal directly with major suppliers and constantly stay on top of the market, placing our orders strategically and closely monitoring our inventory so that we're ready to meet your needs. The other reason...our attitude. We're ready to help.



How do we manage the thousands of pallets we repair daily?


Our automated pallet repair machinery is the heart of our repair operation. It's fast and efficient, which means quick turnaround time for our customers.


Our computerized record keeping means no unanswered questions and no excuses. You'll know what happened to each and every pallet we repair. We keep track of all of your pallet activity and can provide monthly, weekly or even daily pallet repair reports. Our reports include a complete analysis and documentation of every pallet that goes into our system. We take the guesswork out of pallet repair.



Our fleet of 12 trucks and 80+ trailers (flats and enclosed) is larger than that of most trucking companies. Our full-time, professional drivers enable us to quickly and efficiently deliver our pallets anywhere in Northern and Central California, on time, every-time.



Exporting? Let us help you meet strict ISPM 15 heat treating standards for pallets shipped overseas. We handle this quickly and professionally, and we do it all on-site. We operate three state-of-the-art kilns on two shifts. This means we provide quick turn-around on all heat treating jobs. We can heat treat your existing pallets or custom build and heat treat new pallets to your exact specifications. Our computerized record keeping means you'll always know where you stand. We can provide the documentation so that you can confidently ship your products anywhere in the world. Are you getting ready to ship overseas for the first time? Or do you need help with export shipments? Ask us how we can help. Whatever the issue may be, we have a solution for you.


-Certified IPPC Stamping

-HT Certificates (when applicable)



Crates are made for a wide variety of uses, so creating one takes a lot of thought and hard work. That's where our Custom Crate Shop comes into play. We can design a crate that is tailored for the unique use of the customer. We are currently building small crates that measure less than 2 feet on all sides and also one that is over 21 feet long! Some are made for a quick trip in state and some are made for multiple trips back and forth to Europe. Call us today to find out all of the different options available depending on your budget and durability needs.

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